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When it comes to your teeth, you want to use only quality and effective products.

You choose all the products carefully, from toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental flosses – to ensure your smile is healthy.

A shining smile gives you confidence, so using products that restore whiteness and remove deposits from the tooth surface is an easy way to improve many aspects of your life, such as attitude, appearance, personal growth, professional development, interpersonal relationships.

And what about teeth whitening products?

The global teeth whitening product market is projected to grow to over $ 7.4 billion annually by 2024. This data is evidence that people have experienced the benefits of tooth whitening. A large part of the population around the world also accepts teeth whitening products.

The demand for whitening teeth has spurred the development of many innovations in professional oral health care technologies, as well as OTC products.

Advances in whitening materials and delivery methods have emerged as the oral health care industry has realized that it can address consumers directly by introducing products that will be more affordable, efficient, and safe and easy to use.

There are multiple options, but it’s hard to know which method is best for your teeth.

This often begs the question: Can professional teeth whiten kits that you can use at home match the treatments you receive at your dental office?

The answer is in the fact that there is no difference in the basic ingredients of the gel used for whitening at home compared to the gels used by the dentist.

All whitening products contain the same active ingredients (hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide or sodium bicarbonate) that attack and eliminate the highly colored organic molecules located on the tooth enamel. It is these organic particles obtained from the consumption of food and drink that give the teeth a colored appearance.

By applying a professional whitening solution/gel, you can restore the natural whiteness of teeth.

Using LED lights will help to get faster results. Bleaching with LED light helps to bind the ingredients themselves in the gel faster, absorbs the activating light and has a more efficient bleaching process without producing heat.

Such whitening will allow the ingredients to penetrate faster and accelerate the bleaching process.

And what’s the difference?

Home use products use less or omit the concentration of peroxide, to deliver the desired results continuously without any sensitivity and other side effects.

Research conducted by the American Dental Association (AAD) has concluded that data collected over the last 20 years does not indicate significant, long-term oral or systemic health risks associated with professional teeth whitening materials at home when using permitted doses of ingredients in the gel.

Therefore, products used at home should have licenses and certificates per cosmetic regulations (FDA, CE, etc.).

Benefits of home whitening vs office:

  • Significantly lower costs can be very important for patients when choosing among the bleaching options.
  • Accessibility and convenience of daily use.
  • Comfort (use on the move, office, at home).
  • Saving time.
  • Length and self-whitening to desired results.
  • The ability to independently control the nuance you want to achieve.
  • Easily maintain the results achieved.

Teeth Whitening – Final Thoughts

Oral health is part of your overall health.

The benefits of teeth whitening go a long way in improving the overall quality of your life.

Professional treatments are reliable, long-lasting and safe for your general health, if used properly and as directed, whether you decide to do home treatment or in a doctor’s office.

At Ola smile company we try to give everyone a better smile.


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